Retired from the US Army, Tom Haase draws from his past military experiences as an 82nd Airborne paratrooper, a combat commander, a diplomat, and even to his airline pilot days, providing fast-moving adventures that excite and entertain the reader page after page...

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Secret of the Thorns

A Political Thriller

(Donavan Chronicles Book 3)

We know what happened to the robe of Christ.

We think we know what happened to his cross.

What really happened to the Crown of Thorns?

Historians have believed for eighteen hundred years that Helen, mother of Emperor Constantine, found the True Cross and Crown of Thorns in 323 A.D. The experts are wrong.

Ancient manuscripts unearthed in a Warsaw museum might skew the beliefs on which many of the world's leading religions are founded. The discovery in Poland sparks a quest to find a supposedly mythical, secret Gospel and ancient Koran text believed hidden in Spain centuries ago.

Two young scholars follow a path forged by King John of Poland and later by Ponce de Leon to America. The records indicate that Ponce de Leon purportedly secreted the Crown of Thorns and other valuable treasure in the New World.

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"This thriller has it all: a secret religious society, undercover fanatical terrorists, international locations, and a brother/sister duo pursuing one of the biggest quests in religious history. Wow. A brain-teasing thriller with satisfying twists and page-turning adventure. Watch out Dan Brown, there's a new kid in town."  Patricia Mason is the award-winning author of steamy romantic suspense and thriller fiction.

"Grabbed my attention from the first page to the very last, couldn't put it down and read almost non-stop to find out what happens." Submitted by Tom Eastwood

Secret of the Bibles

A Suspense Thriller

(Donavan Chronicles Book 4)

In the fourth century of the Christian era, the Emperor Constantine ordered the Bishop of Jerusalem to make fifty copies of the Holy Scriptures in Latin. His mother, Saint Helen, had gone to Jerusalem where she reportedly found the true cross of Christ and brought back with her an earth shaking secret to her son. The Emperor passed that secret on to the Bishop of Jerusalem and swore him and all of his successors to secrecy forever on pain of death and the loss of his soul. Over the 1600 years in the ensuing centuries it was believed that all copies of this Bible were lost.

The episcopal custodians of the Bible in Jerusalem have kept in their possession the Bible received from the hands of the Emperor Constantine. They have diligently observed their vow of secrecy. Its revelation could destroy modern Christianity - until now.

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"Be prepared to be left hanging at the end and waiting for the next book in the series!"

- Sharon Hulton -

Secret of the Oil

The Donavan Chronicles, Volume 1

This is a prequel for the Donavan Chronicles.

In the Middle Eastern conflict one group of dedicated men have contrived to build a nuclear device, not to detonate on American soil but on their own in order to cripple the industrial might of the West.

One small team of DIA operatives is dispatched to ensure the failure of that plan. Nothing ever goes as planned.

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"Reminds me of W B Griffins series about the presidential teams. Could not put it down."

- Bruce Montgomery

Secret of the Icon

A Political Thriller

(Donavan Chronicles Book 5)

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the FBI intercepts an arms deal. One agent is dead and the agent in charge, Matt Higgins, is fired. The arms dealer, who works for a Russian warlord, escapes. He possesses an icon that comes from the time of the Byzantine empire, stolen from the Vatican in WWII, and containing a Nazi secret from the occupation of Italy.

The secret the icon contains is a code to Swiss bank accounts.

The Vatican learns of the icon’s existence and wants it recovered and sends Jonathan McGregor after it.

The Director of the FBI re-enlists Matt Higgins who is to form a special operations unit to work directly under him to track down and destroy the arms dealer selling to homegrown jihadists.

Matt recruits his old army comrade, Bridget Donavan, and together they form a plan to capture the arms dealer.
Nothing ever goes as planned.

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"Wow! What an exciting read. Tom really outdid himself with this. You can't put it down there is so much going on. You have to read it. Just amazing. Please hurry with the next one. Thank you for an exciting great read."

- Darlene A.



I enjoy the rush I experience while composing a thriller embedded in a mystery.

I am a Kindle best selling author in the Mystery & Thriller, Terrorism genre.

My goal is to write quality novels and novellas and I focus on producing effective ways to write, and to help authors in the area of web design, SEO, copy writing, blogging, social media sales pages and the creation of author support groups.

I love to travel and for years lived in Korea, Nepal, Ireland, Greece, England, and Cyprus during my military career of 28 years. I had the honor of serving our country as young paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, of commanding a firing battery in combat in Viet Nam and representing the Department of Defense as a United States diplomat and Defense Attaché in four embassies.

From my travels, I learned that people are people. We all seem to have a basic desire for the same fundamental things. I want to help people achieve their publishing goals whether they engage in creating works of fiction or non-fiction that contains value and resonates with readers.

After my retirement from the military my wife and I flew as commercial airline pilots, she in DC-8’s and DC-9’s, and I am type rated to fly the Boeing-737.

I publish my blog at and videos to assist you in getting your book written, edited, and published.

Contact me at





"I would highly recommend this novella to everyone."

- Jason C -


Enjoyed this as much as the first one. Good character development, lots of suspense. I enjoy the snipits of history, and just plain like the series. Looking forward to the next one!

Elizabeth M. Boggis

Mr Hasse has got the talent. I eagerly await the next book. You cannot put them down.

Bruce Montgomery

I would highly recommend this novella to everyone.

Jason C.

Never a dull moment reading this book or any by Tom Haase.

Debora Larowe-prado

"Tom Haase has written another book in his thriller series, and if you loved the first one you will love this as well.."

- Lois Lavrisa, Award Winning Bestselling author

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Secret of the Assassin: Political Thriller Novella Sequel to Secret of the Thorns (Donavan Chronicles)

Never a dull moment reading this book or any by Tom Haase

 – by Debora Larowe-prado

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